Refund Policy

Refunds and Return Policy: Misuse of our 30 day refund and returns policy, implied or written by Skinny Jean’s Outlet, My Skinny Jean's Outlet or its employees, will not be tolerated. Misuse is within our discretion. Our 100% guarantee policy is flexible and we will do what we can to make you a 100% guarantee happy shopper. Contact us by email [email protected] or phone 1-443-721-1225 for a human response to your concern. Keep your invoice handy. We cannot be held responsible for anything shipped in good faith and stated as delivered to you. Know this up front if you decide to contact us and we’ll work with you on a practical solution. We do advise you to do your Skinny Jean’s Outlets shopping on a laptop, desktop or tablet for better accuracy with your order. Not just with us, but for all online shopping. Big fingers can make big errors clicking small keyboards on phones! Guard your online shopping on phones. We want you to feel the full Skinny Jean’s Outlets experience from start to finish. Sorry, there are NO refund or returns on swimwear or lingerie. You can understand why.